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Mojo Broadband is a customer centric company that truly cares about the success of its customers. We pride ourselves on being a small, local alternative to the enormous telephone and cable companies. We utilize some of the latest point to point microwave and millimeter wave technologies to provide Internet service to our customers. These technologies deliver dedicated, symmetric Internet speeds up to 10 Gbps with ultra-low latency. They also allow us to install our service quickly and cost-effectively. Our commercial services are targeted to enterprises, businesses, and government facilities that are looking for the speed and performance of fiber optic based services, but need it installed in a reasonable timeframe from a local company that knows each of its customers firsthand. Mojo also offers managed firewall, managed Wi-Fi, and voice over IP services - providing our customers with a single point of contact for all Internet, network and communication services.

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Low latency and symmetric speeds

Symmetrical Speeds

Dedicated Internet with no data caps

No Data Caps

Local, Knowledgeable technical support

Priority Support

Reliability guaranteed with service level agreement

Service Level Agreement

For apartment and condominium buildings, we offer speeds up to 1 Gbps.  We provide both discounted bulk service to the building owner/HOA or individually to the residents.  
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Additional Services

Managed Lan

Mojo Broadband can also manage your internal network infrastructure, including firewall, network switches, and Wi-Fi access points.  Let our networking experts manage and support your network freeing you up to focus on the rest of your IT functions.

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Event internet

Mojo provides flexible, temporary, Internet solutions for special events such as gaming conventions, festivals, and live streaming broadcasts.

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Our commercial and apartment/condo services are available in many parts of the Phoenix Metro area, including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Buckeye.

If you are a property manager looking to enhance your property’s appeal with high-speed Internet service without the high cost of fiber or live in a condo or apartment building and want us to consider adding you to our list of "on network" properties, please fill out our contact us form. We would love to add your property to our list!

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