Mojo Broadband

high performance broadbanD Internet service
in the greater phoenix area



Mojo Broadband is a high performance Internet service designed for your lifestyle.  Whether you are a CEO working from home, a retiree video conferencing with your grand kids, or a growing family with gamers and streamers, Mojo has you covered. We currently provide service to homes in the Northern Phoenix area, including Cave Creek, Carefree, Desert Hills, and New River.  We also provide service in the Wintersburg, Tonopah, Arlington, and Buckeye areas.

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Commercial Internet services targeted to enterprises, small businesses, and government facilities that are looking for reliable and fast Internet service, but need it installed in a reasonable timeframe. We offer Internet services that are dedicated, low latency, symmetric with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Call or email for your customized quote.

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Additional Services

Managed Lan

Mojo Broadband can also manage your internal network infrastructure, including firewall, network switches, and Wi-Fi access points.  Let our networking experts manage and support your network freeing you up to focus on the rest of your IT functions.

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Event internet

Mojo provides flexible, temporary, Internet solutions for special events such as gaming conventions, festivals, and live streaming broadcasts.

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Our residential broadband Internet service is currently available in much of the North Central and Northeast parts of Phoenix metro, including Cave Creek and Desert Hills as well as parts of Anthem, Carefree and New River.  We also offer residential service in the Wintersburg, Tonopah, Arlington and Buckeye areas. We've also recently expanded to the Apache Junction area.

Our commercial/enterprise and apartment/condominium Internet services are available in many parts of the Phoenix Metro area, including Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, Goodyear, and Buckeye.

If you are a property manager looking to enhance your property’s appeal with high-speed Internet service without the high cost of fiber or live in a condo or apartment building and want us to consider adding you to our list of "on network" properties, please fill out our contact us form. We would love to add your property to our list!

To determine if you are in our current network area, fill out the sign-up form below. This is not a commitment for service but will verify your address on our always changing coverage areas. It also gives us an idea of demand when we are looking at expansion.